The next Apple Watch could soon monitor your blood sugar

More ways to monitor your health.

After ECG and Blood Oxygen monitoring, the Apple Watch Series 7 could finally gain the function to get your blood sugar levels. A report mentioned that UK-based health firm Rockley Photonics confirmed the feature thanks to special sensors that are able to track blood glucose and pressure as well as alcohol levels.

Over the years, it’s been evident how Apple is focusing on more ways to track your health which included various new studies, and tools to measure various metrics. Just recently, there was also a report that the Apple Watch 6’s blood oxygen monitor could effectively diagnose COVID-19 among users.

Rockley Photonics has also pioneered in making sensors that are able to track blood pressure. Since they’ve already been working with Apple, there’s a good chance that their hardware could soon make its way to the next Apple Watch. That being said, adding more sensors on the watch could also affect functionality and battery life, so don’t expect it to debut as early as this year – unless they’ve been testing it way before these rumours have stated.

The Apple Watch Series 7 will most likely be introduced this September along with the iPhone 13. Stay tuned for more details.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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