The OnePlus Watch is coming, but it won’t run WearOS

November 8, 2020

To be released sometime next year.

We’ve already seen evidence that OnePlus is planning to release its own line of smartwatches in the future. While it has shown a commitment to Google’s ecosystem evident by its line of Android smartphones and TVs, its upcoming wearables will not be using WearOS.

Famed OnePlus leaker Max Jambor tweeted that the company won’t be putting WearOS on its upcoming smartwatch line. While you can take that as a grain of salt, Max is known to have reliable tips when it comes to OnePlus leaks.

WearOS builds upon the core features and functions of Android, which should be a default option for any smartwatch that will be tied to an Android device. While we don’t know what the Chinese company is up to at the moment, it looks like they would be utilizing proprietary software to run on the OnePlus Watch, which will still of course pair perfectly with its current smartphone line.

That being said we may have to wait until next year to see more about the OnePlus Watch, which was delayed given the current health situations we’re all facing at the moment.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.