Bill Gates explains why he prefers using Android over iOS

March 1, 2021

But he does own an iPhone.

The popular app Clubhouse has just recently hosted an interview with Microsoft founder Bill Gates where he discussed everything from Apple’s rumored vehicle to COVID-19. In the session hosted by journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin, he asked Gates the question on what mobile operating system he prefers using: Android or iOS.

Many already know that Gates prefers using an Android phone but many wondered why he is using an iPhone (the Clubhouse app is only available on iOS), where he simply stated that while he owns an iPhone, the smartphone he always carries around is definitely an Android.

When asked why, he simply explained that most Android smartphones already have Microsoft software installed, making it easier for him to sign in and start using it. “…they’re more flexible about how the software connects up with the operating system, so that’s what I ended up getting used to,” Gates explains.

In the session (you can listen to it on the video above, Gates also added that some of his friends still use an iPhone so there’s no ‘purity’. The 65-year-old billionaire, who has just completed his second dose, also touched upon the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, where one of his foundations was essential in the development of a vaccine. 

The hour-long session revealed more details about other tech innovations, including the Apple Car, what he thinks about Google (he is still a very loyal Bing user), and the last TV show he binged watched on Netflix.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.