Fancy a gold-plated iPhone 11 Pro?

October 14, 2019

It will have diamonds as well.

Russian jewelry makes Caviar has already showcased some of the luxurious designs it can do with everyday gadgets – but their version of the newest iPhone might be their best and most expensive one yet. Check out the iPhone 11 Pro Victory, which covers Apple’s latest smartphone with pure gold and diamonds along with rare skins.

One interesting design change is that the square camera bump on the iPhone 11 Pro Victory has been removed and covered with an all-gold exterior. This means that the camera is now flushed behind the backplate and doesn’t protrude like the ‘cheaper’ version of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Caviar has made several versions of the Victory, including iPhone 11 Pros lined with Titanium, Black Titanium and even alligator or snakeskin.

Other than that the inside hardware of the Victory line is pretty much just like any other iPhone 11 out there: A13 Bionic processor, triple-camera setup, Face ID, iOS 13 and the whole shebang.

The Victory Diamond iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most expensive one on the list, where you need to pay up to $31,900 (117,000 AED) for a 512 GB unit. There’s also the cheaper Victory Desire iPhone 11 Pro Max made from python leather that will cost you a less expensive $20,000 (74,000 AED)

Interested? You can check out Caviar’s website for more information.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.