Stranger Things’ new favorite character gets a 12-hour tribute
August 19, 2019
Dr. Alexei from the third season of Stranger Things

Everyone’s favorite Russian.

The third season of Stranger Things premiered more than a month ago, and fans of the 80’s-themed series are now eagerly waiting for a new season (which we expect sometime next year). Despite the abundance of adorable characters from the show, one has emerged to be a fan favorite: Dr. Alexei.

The Russain scientist played by Alec Utgoff was originally working for the bad guys, yet his adorable charm and love for Slurpees immediately made him one of the most memorable characters Stranger Things’ third season. His character assists in opening a portal between the Indiana town of Hawkins and the Upside Down, where Soviets are looking to study the monsters, which of course turns disastrous.

Even the image of Dr. Alexei having a Slurpee has become an internet meme, with many pointing out that he was the best character this season (sorry Eleven) of Stranger Things.

To celebrate everything Dr. Alexei, Netflix has released a 12-hour (!) video of him drinking his Slurpee accompanied by the song ‘Cold Comfort’ performed by  Orchestra Heinz Kiessling. It’s a weird yet awesome tribute to the character, which we’re guessing some will enjoy.

Given the popularity of the character, we reckon that this video should go viral in no time. So enjoy Dr. Alexei and his Slurpee by watching the video below (hopefully not for 12 hours straight):

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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