This N95 mask works with face unlock

May 20, 2020

Struggling with face unlock while wearing a mask? Not with this one.

As the world continues to battle the COVID-19 outbreak, many are starting to adjust to a new norm. This includes regularly wearing face masks all the time especially when outside. But with new smartphone models already adapting face unlock technologies, using a face mask usually means getting an error and entering your password manually to unlock your device.

But that might change soon as Chinese company Huami (known for the Amazfit wearables) is developing a transparent N95 mask that can be read by facial recognition devices and can also clean itself, as reported by CNET.

N95 masks are recommended as the best option when protecting yourself from catching the virus since it contains material that can filter out air particles. This also gives you better protection as opposed to using a surgical or cloth mask.

Called the Huami Amazfit Aeri mask, this face mask contains removable filters and built-in ultraviolet light emitters that are used to disinfect the mask. You simply plug in the mask using a standard USB-C slot and it will disinfect immediately. Huami said that this will allow you to use the filter for a longer period of around one and a half months compared to the standard 8 hour time that N95 masks are supposed to last.

The Aeri’s transparent material will help show most of your facial features that in turn will help make facial recognition work. It also has a modular design, meaning that you can add other accessories like an eye shield or a fan.

Huami did say it might take a while before the Aeri comes to the market, but seeing as that the company is known for making inexpensive gadgets, we’re hoping the Aeri will retail at an affordable price point.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.