WeMo Home Automation is the future says Belkin

October 12, 2014

GITEX Technology Week was the chance for Belkin to showcase their WeMo Home Automation system.


Home Automation isn’t new technology, in fact, it has been implemented in several homes in other countries. Though the adoption is slow, many people are seeing the benefit of the product in what seems to what homes of the future will look like.

For novices, WeMo is basically Belkin’s family of products that all connect to a central hub which is then connected to the internet. Through an app you install on your smartphone, you can easily control these appliances even if you are not at home. Its mission is to make life simpler, smarter and as Belkin puts it, a whole lot more magical. Their current line of home solutions is currently on display at GITEX Technology Week.

“GITEX is the biggest trade show in this market. It is a platform where we get to showcase our innovation,” said Amanulla Khan, Director – Emerging Markets, Belkin International. “It is also a great opportunity for us to engage with our customers to educate them on how we are influencing this digital life for the consumer.”

He also added that with about 15 billion devices connected by the 2020, a big majority of users in this market is mostly in the young adult range. This is an advantage for Belkin, since it easily market their products in the region especially in the UAE. The growing curiosity about Home Automation is what drives the sales their WeMo devices aside of course from other benefits.

With technologies like these slowly taking over most homes in general, one might be worried that people might get too dependent on them. Amanulla said that you can’t call that a disadvantage – since Belkin’s mission is to enhance current activities that normally would take more time to accomplish. The WeMo products are very personal – since you can decide how and when the products can be used and in your daily life.

The rest of the WeMo devices are on display at Belkin’s stand at GITEX Technology Week. Stay tuned for a review once we get our hands on some of these Home Automation solutions. You can learn more about the technology by visiting this link.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.