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Wera Advent Calendar: The Xmas gift that keeps giving!
Anil George
December 13, 2017

Patience, tool rebel

Christmas is set to arrive a tad early this year, at least for tool rebels.  Wera’s annual Advent Calendar is a bit of a passion for toolistas. The concept is fairly simple enough, a series of hidden gifts. The Wera Advent Calendar is packaged much like a pack of Xmas lights, illustrated at the front with a bright Christmasy painting depicting Santa all set to deliver the goodies. What you also notice on the package are tearable segregated ‘windows’, 24 of them in total.

So once you have the 57cm long by 47cm wide Advent Calendar, the first thing to ensure is patience. Remember, just one window a day. So one day you could get a Special Edition Wera Bit-Check, another a one-off bottle opener, and another a Phillips No 1 screwdriver bit. By the end of 24 days, provided you managed to keep your curiosity in check for that long, you get a new iteration of tools that boast the key brand USP’s, like diamond coated blades, anti cam-out grips and hot forged steel. And let’s not forget the textile box, which is specifically created for this set of tools.

Wera have also made available a smaller version of the Advent Calendar, which is a Zyclop bit-piece kit with a forged steel grip.

The Wera Advent Calendar 2017 is now available at Speedex Tools in Dubai.

by Anil George

Avid follower of all things tech. In between his quest for the ultimate gizmo, Anil fiddles with light meters, collects rare books and feeds his fetish for Jap horror movies. As Managing Editor of T3 Middle East for the GCC, Anil oversees content direction across print and digital. He was a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Judge, reprising his role as an Innovation Awards Judge at CES 2015 and 2016. Anil is also the Middle East’s first Brand Ambassador for Ashdown Engineering. Reach him at: