Why your smartphone can kill you

July 29, 2014

Another incident of a smartphone fire reported.

Samsung has to investigate yet another incident that included a 13-year-old girl using one of their devices. While the girl was asleep, she suddenly woke up to something burning, turns out it was her Galaxy S4 has caught fire, which instantly burned the girl’s pillow and bedding. It might be the same case as with other similar incidents, which included the battery cell overheating – that caused the fire.

As reported by MyFoxDFW, a statement from Samsung made it clear that the battery that caught fire was a fake not one and not a genuine product. Like all gadgets, users are constantly reminded to only use genuine parts to avoid mishaps like this and it seems stricter measures have to be taken to inform the public about using counterfeit products.

Samsung has requested the damaged smartphone (which was melted and barely unrecognizable) to be investigated. And the little girl? She got her phone replaced by Samsung, including her pillow and mattress. Good job, Samsung!

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.