Xiaomi launching a new smartphone that’s as thin as a paper

January 13, 2015

And ironically warns consumers about buying knockoffs.

Xiaomi had enormous success on its line of Android-based smartphones back in China and even in other countries. It is quickly becoming one of the top smartphone brands in the world.

2015 seems to be a good year for them, as the company has recently announced a new smartphone that will be their 2015 flagship. The invite seems straightforward, and states that their next smartphone will be as thin as a paper. We don’t how literally we should take that quote but we will know once they do the announcement on January 15.

Ironically, Xiaomi has advised people against buying counterfeits and cheap knockoffs since a majority of cheaper alternatives have started popping up on the streets. If you remember, Xiaomi itself has been accused of blatantly copying Apple’s iPhone. Despite that, Xiaomi has had huge success in its home surf, where its line of smartphones and tablets always sell out.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.