You can now purchase the iPhone 6! Well, sort of.

July 19, 2014

The Goophone i6 is the closest lookalike of the iPhone 6 and you can purchase it now.

If you can’t wait until September for the release of the iPhone 6, you can purchase an imitation of the new smartphone from Apple based on the recent leaks that have floating around the interwebs in the past few months. The Goophone name sound goofy enough and that’s exactly what it is called – the Goophone i6.

Looks-wise, the Goophone i6 looks and pretty much feels like the next-generation iPhone, if the leaks are proved to be accurate. This means that it follows the slim profile and is consistent with the look of the current generation iPads. The operating system also seems to emulate the same functions as iOS, but if you look closely it is just a skin placed over Android – but I must admit, the resemblance can be undistinguishable at times.

Word has it that Apple has started manufacturing the next-generation iPhone, which is scheduled to be announced this September. Rumors are pointing to a larger 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch screen that should run the latest A7 processor along with iOS 8 built-in.

Check out the video of the Goophone i6 below:


by Victor
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