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Your NES Classic Mini just became a limited edition
April 17, 2017

The company has halted all sales of the device.

Nintendo has just announced over the weekend that it will be discontinuing its massively popular NES Classic Mini despite request by fans to produce more units. While there was an abundance of units available here in the UAE albeit in marked up prices, users in other countries weren’t so lucky since most devices were out of stock weeks after it was released.

Early response from the device has already shown that it will be a massive hit. The console, which packs in 30 retro games playable with the classic controller everyone knows about, retails for only $59.99. It was also released right before the holiday season, making it one of the most requested Christmas gifts not only from children but for adults as well.

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But many are stunned as to why the company decided to abruptly end the production of the NES Classic Mini. Many point that since the release of the Nintendo Switch, the company will soon offer a subscription based package where you can play classic games at a price – similar to what they have done with the Wii U.

Whatever that reason may be, you should hang on to that NES Classic Mini you’ve got over the holidays (if you managed to get one) because chances are you already have a limited edition device right in your hands.

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