Your taxi driver will be taking you on a Tesla soon
September 18, 2017

50 Tesla cars to join the Dubai Taxi Corporation fleet.

Electric cars have started invading the roads of Dubai and the same goes for taxis. A recent announcement by the Dubai Taxi Corporation has revealed that it has taken delivery of 50 Tesla-made cars to join its taxi fleet.

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The announcement was made by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum who is currently the chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and Dubai Airports, and is also chairman and the CEO of Emirates Group and lastly the president of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

A total of 200 cars were ordered, and the first 50 are joining the fleet this week. The Tesla vehicles are all fitted with self-driving technology which is what the company was famous for.

According to an agreement made by Tesla with the RTA, 50 cars will be delivered this year, with 75 more arriving in 2018 and the last 75 units arriving in 2019.

Just last July, Tesla has officially made its debut in the Middle East and has opened its first showroom in Dubai.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
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