AOC U3477PQU Review

March 26, 2015

Wider is better.


AOC’s been in the monitor business for a while, and it’s great that the company is still churning out great monitors suited for every user. The AOC U3477PQU isn’t exactly your ordinary monitor. What you will notice is the rather wide 21:9 aspect ratio that the screen supports.

At 34-inches across, the AOC U3477PQU supports an awesome 3440 x 1440 resolution – that’s a lot extra pixels of working space. Use that as a desktop monitor and you can simultaneously view three documents side by side. Use it for gaming though, and the possibilities are endless.

Featuring an IPS screen, the AOC U3477PQU looks great on any angle and easily beats out other monitors I have used in the past. Colors are spot on, and especially when calibrated properly, could bring out the best possible quality whether you are using it for images and video.

And it looks great too. The AOC U3477PQU goes minimal on design, offering a slim bezel along with controls are easily reachable. Additionally, the stand itself will let you tilt and swivel the monitor to any position you like – even working in portrait mode is possible.

The AOC U3477PQU also offers a plethora of connectivity options from the new to the old. You can find a D-sub, DVI, HDMI, MHL (for smartphones) and Display Port conveniently located at the back. There is even a fast charge USB port that you can use to charge your devices.

Since this is a 21:9 monitor, it somehow eliminates the black bars that you see when watching films with a wide aspect ratio. There are some incompatibilities, but it is mostly on the file being played and not necessarily the monitor itself. I’ve hooked up a Blu-ray player to the AOC U3477PQU and the results are simply gorgeous. Watching Interstellar on the screen brought out its best performance.

There was some slight issues with games I have played since not all games are configured to run on the 21:9 aspect ratio supported by the AOC U3477PQU. Thankfully there are workarounds and once you get it up and working, playing games on the AOC U3477PQU is a joy to behold.

The AOC U3477PQU isn’t 4K, but it easily triumphs all the other 4K monitors out in the market. It’s big, it’s wide and displays the best image quality we have seen on a monitor. The AOC U3477PQU is highly recommended.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.