Apple iPhone SE Review

April 12, 2016

Mini Me.

When the iPhone 6 was launched, it was a statement that Apple is now moving on from 4-inch smartphones. The 4.7-inch and 5,5-inch sizes of the new iPhones now make it at par with other smartphones who have moved to bigger displays.

Despite the move, many are still having difficulty using big-screened smartphones, hence Apple decided to release the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE isn’t really a new iPhone. Much like what Samsung did the Galaxy mini line, the iPhone SE is supposed to offer the same processing power as the current iPhone 6S but in smaller form factor.

That is why Apple decided to borrow the design of the iPhone 5S (which is still the best-designed iPhone for me) – and except for the SE branding at the back, the iPhone SE looks exactly like the iPhone 5S.

It can be a good thing, since people familiar with the design or the ones still using them won’t find difficult to migrate to a faster device. At the same time, Apple could have refined the design instead of recycling an older design.

I’m currently using an iPhone 6S Plus, so upon holding the iPhone SE in my hands it definitely feels small and somewhat dated (I used to own the 5S two years back). Still, the things that I loved about the 5S were present on the SE: the compact size and easily usable with one hand.

Specifications-wise, the iPhone SE features the same internals as the iPhone 6S: A9 chip, M9 motion coprocessor, faster Wi-Fi and LTE bands and the same iSight camera – so expect the same computing power you’re used with the new iPhones, only with a smaller screen. Aside from the normal color selection, the iPhone SE also includes a new Rose Gold color option.

The A9 chip also adds the ‘Hey Siri’ command so you can initiate the voice assistant without pressing on the home button. Additionally, it lets the iPhone SE capture 4K video and even edit two 4K streams in iMovie without any hiccups.

Despite the same internals, a pressure sensitive display was not included on the iPhone SE and it still features the same front-facing camera so 3D Touch isn’t supported on the device.

The list of features you’re not getting is minimal, considering that this is now the least expensive iPhone that’s available – 1649 AED for the 16 GB version and 2049 AED for the 64 GB version.

What makes iOS devices great is the plethora of available apps ready for you to install on its App Store. With the new processor, expect games and apps to perform at the best possible quality.

I’ve been using the iPhone SE for more than a week and while I still prefer my iPhone 6S Plus, I now realize that there are some users who would simply prefer a small smartphone.

The iPhone SE isn’t a new iPhone, but for people looking for a performance level of the 6S on smaller, more portable built, the iPhone SE is the right choice.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.