Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Review

April 25, 2019

Over the top, in a good way.

Routers used to be this small box that you put on the side of your home that basically connects your entire network. But now, routers vary from the simple ones to something like the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000, which we can only describe as over the top.

Don’t get us wrong though, the GT-AX11000’s features and performance is what makes it a beast. You’d already be impressed when you take it out from the box and seeing the sleek exterior and the familiar ROG logo. There are eight antennas on the GT-AX11000, all scattered around the sides.

On the inside, the GT-AX11000 is powered by a quad-core processor with a 1 GB of RAM. It supports 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) wireless and even 2.5 Gbps Ethernet if you prefer a wired connection. Wi-Fi 6 is basically the latest wireless standard that improves the speed and connectivity of all the connected devices. This router is tri-band, with a reported 1148 Mbps maximum bandwidth on the 2.4 GHz band and 4804 Mbps on the dual 5 GHz bands. Note that since this is a Wi-Fi 6 router, your connected devices should also be updated to support it.

At the back of the GT-AX11000, you will find four 1 Gbps Ethernet ports, a single WAN port, and one 2.5 Gbps port. There’s also dual USB 3.1 ports along with the power button. LED lights are also present that should give you an idea about the router’s status – this is different from the RGB lighting that the device already supports. On the side, there are three additional buttons for Wi-Fi, WPS, and Boost.

Setting up the GT-AX11000 required me to configure it using a web browser and entering my ISP login. Once that is done I’m taken to the main screen that lists down all the various functions and settings that you can configure. It’s an exhaustive list, so take your time on learning all the functions.

Asus even made a smartphone app that lets you control the GT-AX11000 from your smartphone and offers the same customization options that include parental controls and even remote diagnosis so you can check if your network is working properly.

During testing, I used the GT-AX11000 in my home where around 20 devices were connected. This includes a range of notebooks, smartphones, tablets, consoles, smart TVs and a couple of smart home devices. On day-to-day performance, we’ve noticed improved bandwidths at home, where streaming barely buffered when I tested it on a couple of devices all the same time.

I realized none of my devices support 802.11ax at the moment, so I couldn’t test it at this time. But this review will be updated once I have the proper devices to test the latest Wi-Fi standard.

The Asus GT-AX11000 already impressed with its over-the-top hardware and an incredible set of features. That alone should be the reason that you’d choose this router above the others, even if the price is a little hard to swallow.

We Love:

+ 802.11ax support

+ Decent set of gaming and security features

+ Great smartphone app

+ RGB lighting

We Hate:

– Price

Final Rating: 4/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.