Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD: More ports for your Mac
February 5, 2018

Let’s check out this updated Belkin accessory.

Belkin’s line of accessories isn’t just made for iOS devices but also to MacBooks well. Their latest, the Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD adds more ports to your Mac so that so you can conveniently connect any device that you prefer. But it’s more than that, this dock even adds charging capabilities all while using a single Thunderbolt 3 cable.

The Express Dock HD’s design matches the same brushed metal exterior of any MacBook – it’s stylish and compact and its horizontal aluminum build should fit well into your notebook or desktop setup.

I was expecting a simple power brick to come with the Express Dock HD but as I have learned, all docks similar to this have huge power bricks that reminded me of the one that came with the original Xbox One.

Let’s look at the specifications, the Express Dock HD features USB-A 3.0 ports, Thunderbolt 3 (through USB-C, DisplayPort, Ethernet and an audio out port. Additionally, the dock is able to provide 85 W of power that’s enough to power a standard 15-inch MacBook Pro – all while connected to a single Thunderbolt 3 cable. Even the dock is able to support dual 4K displays or one 5K display using DisplayPort and USB-C.

While it provides all the necessary ports, adding an SD card slot, eSATA or even FireWire might make this an even better accessory.

I tried hooking up the Express Dock HD to my 13-inch MacBook Pro along with an LG Ultrafine 5K display using the provided cables. I’ve also connected my hard drives and other devices to fill the remaining ports to test how much it can handle a heavy load.

For the most part, the Express Dock HD works well, but the power brick does get fairly hot so it’s best to keep it away from you since you might accidentally touch it. I also had some minor flickering issues when multiple devices are connected – it worked well for the most part but on a perfect scenario it actually does the job well.

For almost $350, the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD isn’t cheap, and similar docks are also available at a lesser price. But it does the job well despite initial issues and ultimately it is still a great accessory to pair with your MacBook.

We Love:

+ Great build quality

+ Plethora of ports

+ Fast performance

We Hate:

– Expensive

– No eSATA or FireWire support

– Power brick can get fairly hot

Final Rating: 3.5/5

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. Has passion for all things tech - you’ll normally find him tinkering with the latest gadgets and computer peripherals. He is an avid collector of DVDs and Blu-ray discs, and recently discovered his love for gaming.
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