BenQ EX3203R Monitor Review

September 8, 2019

Mid-range curves make for a decent desktop monitor.

We’ve tested a couple of BenQ’s products over the years and one thing consistent is that their displays, whether it is for normal usage or gaming, is always one of the best. The BenQ EX3203R is no different – it’s a mid-range monitor that comes in a curved 32-inch design.

It’s nice to look at I must admit, it’s different from the usual blacks that we’ve come to expect with desktop monitors. The BenQ EX3203R looks sleek and stylish, offering a cool alternative from the boring monitor designs. The curved design also helps when using the monitor, since it’s easy on the eyes no matter which angle you look at it from.

The BenQ EX3203R sits on a rather solid stand that should keep it sturdy on your desk. The display also has thin bezels, with the bottom bezel housing all the controls. At the back you will find ports for HDMI, USB-C and DisplayPort so basically every video connection is pretty much covered. Don’t worry about cables as well, since BenQ has packed all the necessary cables you will need inside the package.

This monitor supports a 144 Hz refresh rate along with support for FreeSync 2, making it ideal for games. FreeSync is supported on AMD cards including consoles like the Xbox One and while some Nvidia graphics cards are also compatible with FreeSync 2, we would have liked it also had support for G-Sync. Rounding off the feature list is a 2560-by-1440 pixel resolution with HDR support along with a 4 ms response time.

For testing I’ve hooked up the BenQ EX3203R with the gaming PC we have at T3 Towers along with an Xbox One X and played some HDR-capable games along with 4K Blu-ray discs that utilize HDR. The curved design of the BenQ EX3203R helped in showcasing great colors on the display. There was however a slight quip on how it displays HDR, in which my TV could do better. Then again, it isn’t a big deal since the BenQ EX3203R performed really well with our tests.

Gears 5 looked great on the monitor, and I didn’t see any signs of blurring on the images. Same goes for movies like Avengers: Endgame, where the monitor accurately displayed colors and showcased that it is capable of showing varying levels of contrast and luminance with ease.

Overall, the BenQ EX3203R is one great monitor despite its very minor flaws. It’s not 4K, but the 1440p resolution along with HDR support still makes this a worthy desktop companion whether its for work or play. 

Where to buy:

We Love: 

+ Decent feature set

+ Excellent curved design

+ Good picture quality

We Hate: 

– HDR could be better

– No G-Sync support

Final Rating: 4/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.