BenQ GV1 Projector Review

June 9, 2019

Portable projector for any occasion.

BenQ always delivers some of the best projectors I’ve tested in the past but the GV1 is something different. It’s a portable projector that’s made especially for mobile devices so you can easily share content on the go.

Design-wise the GV1 looks like a small speaker thanks to the grills that line up the sides of the projector. The projector mechanism is located on the top, which can also tilt upwards to 15 degrees. The main controls are located on the top, with a tripod located at the bottom. The manual focus ring is located on the side, while input ports are located below. Also included is a remote control for easier navigation.

These ports include a USB-C port and another for the power. The USB-C port is easily compatible with most Android devices that support video output through the cable (a USB-C cable is included in the package). It’s a shame though that it lacks a standard USB port so you can connect drives and play files from it. It also doesn’t have an HDMI port, which would’ve opened various connectivity options for the projector – but seeing as that it’s meant for mobile devices, we understand its omission.

The GV1 supports a maximum of 200 lumens when plugged in and supports a native 480p resolution. You can still feed play videos up to 1080p, though it will be downscaled to support it. This projector runs on Android, and while it runs quick and has all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a projector (it even supports auto keystone correction), the apps that you can install are limited.

The GV1 supports Google Chromecast and even Apple AirPlay hence I tested the projector using a Pixel 3 and an iPhone XS Max. After setting up the GV1 to work on my local wireless network, it was easy to cast and mirror content from my Pixel 3 to the projector. Using AirPlay, on the other hand, is mostly hit and miss. My iPhone sees the projector as another Apple TV so it’s easy to mirror the home screen and see some pictures but when I start to stream videos, the connection cuts off and I had to repeat the mirroring process again. I’m certain this is due to iOS’ limitations and copy protection techniques, which isn’t really the fault of the GV1. You can also try using a wired connection using USB-C, and it worked perfectly with the Android devices I used it with.

image quality is decent, though you’ll get a better output if you project closer to the wall. The farther you go, the darker and blurrier it’s going to get. The built-in speakers did a decent job since it managed to deliver a good sound output enough to fill a small room.

I mostly tested the GV1 connected to a power source, but using the internal battery gave me around 2.5 hours.

BenQ’s GV1 is sleek, stylish and still functional despite its flaws. While I’ve had trouble using it on my iPhone, it works best if you own an Android device. It won’t replace full-sized projectors of course but as a portable option, it’s a decent choice.

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We Love:

+ Excellent build quality

+ Good battery life

+ Supports mirroring for Android and iOS devices

We Hate:

– Limited ports

– Not made for big rooms

Final Rating: 3.5/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.