BenQ TK800: Live shots never looked better

May 7, 2018

Let’s check out BenQ’s latest 4K HDR projector.

While we’re already big fans of BenQ’s line of monitors, its latest crop of 4K HDR projectors have been getting much praise thanks to the superior image quality coupled with a very affordable price. The latest to join this lineup is the TK800, another 4K HDR projector that BenQ says is designed for viewing sports-related content.

Why so? The BenQ TK800 includes special Football and Sports modes that automatically adjusts the image content playing through the projector for a more immersive viewing. Football mode, for example, makes the greens brighter on the field, which of course is made even better if you’re playing 4K HDR content. There’s also Sports Picture mode that adjusts skin tones for more realistic shades which is also joined by Sport Sound mode that clears out background noise so you only hear the whistles of the referee and the grind of the player’s shoes on the court.

The DLP-based BenQ TK800 offers 4K HDR support which can also project up to a 200-inch screen. Automatic keystone is also present, which is one of my favorite features since I won’t spend extra time adjusting the image.

Now here’s where it gets technical: the BenQ TK800 isn’t a native 4K projector per say, but it actually has a 1080p chip that is combined with XPR pixel-switching to be able to render the 8.3 million pixels required by a 4K image. It’s still better than a normal 1080p image, but 4K purists might see this as a disadvantage.

The BenQ TK800 includes a D-sub input along with audio in/audio out ports, USB Type A/B and dual HDMI ports that both support 4K HDR and HDCP 2.2.

For testing, I hooked up the BenQ TK800 to an Xbox One X for testing 4K HDR content. Note that while BenQ advertises this as a projector designed for viewing sports events, it is still a very capable projector that you can use to watch movies and play games. Additionally, 4K content for live sports events usually don’t come for free and it is normally not HDR-enabled.

The BenQ TK800’s initial image output seemed a little washed out, so I had to play around with the settings to get the best quality. I’ve used Dunkirk on 4K Blu-ray for a majority of my tests. Skin tones are good, with clarity and detail that is spot-on. It’s almost at par with my current favorite 4K HDR projector from BenQ, the W1700. The colors are brilliant, though I had to adjust the settings to make it look more saturated – though that is just my preference.

I’ve also watched sporting events on Blu-ray and the Football mode does bring out more color when you watch. Greens are more saturated without overpowering the other colors, it just makes the whole picture pop.

For 4999 AED, the BenQ TK800 offers a decent 4K HDR experience that should go more than just beyond watching sporting events. If you can spend more, I’d suggest getting the W1700, but for its price, the TK800 does the job well.

We Love:

+ Price

+ Decent image output

We Hate:

– 4K HDR sports content is still limited

Final Rating: 4/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.