BenQ TK800M Projector Review
May 28, 2020

Optimized for sports fans.

A little over a year after BenQ released the TK800M we’re now getting a modest update with the TK800M. The differences between the two models are minimal, but we’re happy to say that the TK800M still performs as one of the best entertainment projectors we’ve tested. Let’s have a look.

The TK800M pretty much resembles the TK800. It’s still a DLP-based projector that supports a native resolution of 3840-by-2160 – or 4K as it is most commonly known. It also supports the HDR10 and HLG standards, which offers increased detail in color and luminance.

Most of the projector’s controls are located on the top, with the input ports at the back. The back houses dual HDMI ports, though only one supports HDCP 2.2, which is required to view HDR content. There’s also VGA, but if you want to view 4K HDR content this port won’t be compatible.

There’s also a USB port on the TK800M used to power devices like Chromecast, Fire Stick, and the like. Since the projector does not have a media player, this port can’t be used to read media files. Also present is an input/output port for a 3.5 mm connector. Also included is a remote control with built-in lighting 

The onboard 5-watt audio system on the projector somehow made it sound better than other projectors, which we know doesn’t always have the best sound system. Still, the sound at times falls flat and if you’re watching 4K HDR content, it’s best to pair this with much better external speakers.

I hooked up the TK800M with a PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X, a 4K Blu-ray player, and my own set-up box to test its capabilities. Setup is easy, and thankfully there’s auto keystone support so I don’t meticulously adjust the picture to make it straight.

Unlike the BenQ W2700, which is a personal favorite here at T3 Towers, the TK800M is aimed more as a ‘sports projector’.  It simply means that the projector includes dedicated modes that push brightness and colors to levels that are still viewable even with the lights on. It works well too, I viewed various game plays on the TK800M and it was still bright enough (it can push brightness to 3000 Lumens) even with ambient lights turned on.

Along with that, the TK800M also shines when viewing 4K HDR movies and games. The detail is present, and color reproduction is almost perfect. Our only quip is that black levels aren’t as dark as we hoped it to be, especially with HDR content. And while we didn’t get the chance to try it, the projector also supports 3D.

The BenQ TK800M is priced at 5,249 AED, which isn’t exactly affordable but its performance definitely makes the price worth it, especially if you’re looking for big-screen viewing when watching your favorite match with friends and family.

We Love: 

+ Decent HDR levels

+ Good brightness level even in bright rooms

+ Dedicated modes for Football and Sports

We Hate: 

– Black levels could be better

– Price isn’t for everyone

Final Rating: 4.5/5

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. Passionate for all things tech - you’ll normally find him tinkering with the latest gadgets and computer peripherals. He is an avid collector of Blu-ray discs and occasionally plays on his Xbox.
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