Creative SoundBlasterX Katana: Sleek and powerful

April 10, 2017

A perfect companion to your desktop.

Upon first glance you’d think the Creative SoundBlasterX Katana is just another soundbar made for TVs – in fact, it’s actually made for desktops. The 2.1 configuration won’t give you surround sound support, but it’s powerful enough to deliver audio that can literally make your desk shake.

There are two main pieces for the SoundBlasterX Katana – the main soundbar and the wired subwoofer. A total of 75 watts of power is present here, enough to deliver bombastic levels of audio for your desktop.

The Katana’s design is sleek and stylish, and with the built-in LED lights that’s customizable on every level. Along with that, the rear part of the soundbar houses the most basic connectors: microphone in, audio out, aux in, optical in, micro USB and a dedicated USB port for flash drives. There’s also Bluetooth supports if you don’t like wires.

It lacks an HDMI port which you’d normally see on soundbars, but seeing as that the SoundBlasterX Katana was made for desktops and not for TVs is the main reason for its omission. That being said, you can still connect your TV to the SoundBlasterX Katana using the regular 3.5 mm audio in port.

The only problem we had is with the subwoofer, which is connected by a short wire to the soundbar. We don’t mind that it’s wired – just make the cable longer. A short cable limits the way we place the subwoofer – which is optimally in a corner of your room.

Performance-wise the SoundBlasterX Katana delivers a decent sound quality, even with a 2.1 setup. Most soundbars are designed to fill up an entire room, but this soundbar was made to be listened from a close range. And it gets loud too, but even in high volumes I hardly noticed any distortions.

It works well with surround sound games, and manages to create an 360-degree feels to the sound output. The 49 LED lights also give the SoundBlasterX Katana a fun look especially when it syncs with the sound coming out of it.

The SoundBlasterX Katana also supports a built-in DAC that manages to play various 24-bit/96Hz FLAC and WAV files. It can be played directly from any USB plugged into the device or through the optical audio input at the back.

For 1199 AED, the Creative SoundBlasterX Katana isn’t cheap since there are better performing speakers in its price bracket. It’s a still a very capable soundbar, if only they’d make the subwoofer cable longer for us to place it anywhere – or better yet, make it wireless.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.