First Look: Hisense L5 Series 100-inch 4K Laser TV

May 30, 2021

The perfect home entertainment setup.

A couple of weeks ago, T3ME had the chance to visit the Hisense showroom where they demonstrated the 100-inch 4K Laser TV (L5 Series). More than just a large screen, we were impressed by its lengthy feature set as well the image quality, mimicking the experience that you would normally get when you are inside the cinema. 

Walking inside the showroom, I was greeted by this large painting which I was told is actually the TV. Sitting behind the painting is the main screen, where an ultra-short throw laser projects the image directly to it. When it is not in use, the painting conveniently covers the screen to protect it.

The main until is housed in a special cabinet just below the screen. Hisense says that this is fully customisable depending on what the customer likes, and even the screen comes with its own frame which they will make and even install for you as part of your purchase.

Turning on the L5 Series will instantly turn on the TV. While you can argue that the unit is a laser projector, it still has the elements of a TV: from the multiple input ports as well as the VIDAA Smart OS that powers the smart TV setup. More than just watching movies, the L5 Series is also perfect for watching live sports events.

The L5 Series supports up to 4K HDR video, so you can also stream ultra high definition content from services like Netflix that is available on the VIDAA platform. Since the TV is based on laser technology, you’re getting the purest form of light that translates to bright whites and equally dark blacks with brilliant colour that’s perfect when watching movies or an upcoming sports match.

Don’t worry about heat as well, since the main unit is liquid-cooled so you can watch for hours without any worry of overheating. Another point that was highlighted by Hisense is the safety technology embedded on the L5 Series – since it uses lasers, there could be a risk of accidentally looking directly at it which might damage your eyes. But that won’t happen since safety sensors are placed near the unit that automatically turns off the laser as soon as it detects someone close to it.

That’s just the screen. The L5 Series also comes with built-in JBL speakers and a wireless subwoofer that completes the home cinema setup – no need for extra speaker units. The built-in speakers sound great too, and greatly compliments the large screen of the L5 Series, with sharp trebles and great surround sound along with deep bass.

As a TV, the L5 Series also did not disappoint. We watched a football match on screen and it was a delight. The colours looked great thanks to HDR, and the image quality made it feel like I was right in the stand watching the match live.

The screen itself has a special coating that prevents reflections and absorbs ambient light – this means that you’re always getting the best image quality even if you’re watching in the dark or with lights turned on.

The Hisense L5 Series 100-inch 4K Laser TV is priced at 19,999 AED – a pretty fair price considering its performance and feature set. If you’re looking for the best big-screen TV to put in your home, then the L5 Series is a great choice. You can purchase the Hisense L5 Series 100-inch 4K Laser TV at all major retail stores in the UAE, including Jumbo, Lulu, EMAX, Sharaf DG, and Carrefour.

We Like

+ Big, bright screen

+ Great audio output

+ Decent app selection

We Didn’t Like

– None

Final Rating: 4.5/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.