GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller Review

May 30, 2021

Game On.

The Lowdown

The GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller brings the best mobile gaming experience thanks to its universal compatibility with nearly every device available.

The Review

We’ve tested the GameSir X2 mobile controller before – but that version came with a USB-C port, which somehow limits it with smartphones that only support that port. Enter the new GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller that swaps the USB-C port for a wireless Bluetooth connection that instantly opens up compatibility with a plethora of mobile devices – from iPhones to every Android smartphone available.

With the increasing popularity of cloud-based gaming and game subscription as well as the availability of AAA games made for smartphones, mobile controllers are now one of the hottest accessories. We’ve seen numerous variations of game controllers available, though most of them cost more on the premium side.

This is where the GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller comes in. It features an adjustable phone grip that manages to handle every smartphone I put in, from an iPhone 12 to a Samsung Galaxy S21. I hooked it up with an iPhone, where the Bluetooth connection instantly recognized it as an input device (aka a controller).

The X2 feels like a bigger version of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy Con controller and while that might not fit other hands, it perfectly fits mine. It managed to hold a solid grip on both sides where I can still easily reach out the analogue sticks and/or use the D-pad. The same goes for the trigger buttons that come with an audible click every time it is pressed. it’s tactile enough to give you satisfying feedback, especially when playing intense games. The analogue sticks also feature a rubber coating on top for a comfortable grip that gives more precise control of motion.

Probably the only feature I feel this controller should support is some sort of vibration motor or haptic feedback, but that’s just me wanting the X2 to be the perfect mobile gaming controller. It does feature a turbo combo function that allows you to achieve faster attacks in a game. The combo frequency is fully customisable as well, so it’s easy to find the right fit for your game.

Battery-wise, you can recharge the GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller with the included USB-C cable, where the built-in LED indicators will tell you of the battery status. A single charge yielded around 20 hours of usage, and that translated to around a week’s worth of usage when you’re playing 3-4 hours every day.

Overall, the GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Controller brings a lightweight and inexpensive solution if you’re looking for a decent mobile game controller. 

We Like

+ Maximum compatibility

+ Great battery life

+ Easy to set up

We Didn’t Like

– A vibration motor would be nice

Final Rating: 4.5/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.