HP Deskjet GT 5820 Review

January 26, 2017

Prints Charming.

HP’s new Deskjet GT 5820 (dubbed the Kronos) is part of the company’s inexpensive line of printers that focus on page yield and print quality without the premium pricing. It’s a multifunction printer that can scan, copy and of course, print.

The GT 5820’s black matte finish is consistent with other printers, but its size is compact enough so that you can easily place it anywhere in your home or office. One notable difference is that this printer houses the ink tank from the inside to the outside of the machine.

This makes it easier to check ink levels and need be, even change them on the fly. The drawback though is that the ink tank is fragile and there is a chance you could damage it if you move the printer often. There is also a good chance that the ink could dry up easily.

The GT 5820 can work wired or wireless, and setup is a breeze. A detailed instruction manual is provided that gives an overview on how you should set up the printer.

A small LCD screen is located on the left side, giving you a brief overview of the printer’s status along with simple commands that would help you operate it. This printer is also compatible with mobile devices, meaning that you don’t need a computer to operate it – you can send a document from your device (Android or iOS) directly to the GT 5820 and it will print it right away.

The GT 5820’s performance was decent for inkjet-based printers. A document consisting of colored text was printed in about 15 seconds while a full page photo printed on a glossy A4 paper completed in 7 minutes. Not the best times, but then again considering the overall usage and cost, these are actually very good numbers.

The only main concern is the ink tank that tends to dry up easily – meaning that you would need to constantly use the printer so that wouldn’t happen.

*Editor’s Note: HP has given a statement regarding the ink tank drying up – “HP Deskjet GT 5820 has been designed to ensure that when left idle for a reasonable amount of time (3 months) there will be no issues with quality of printing, subject to environmental conditions.”

Overall, the HP Deskjet GT 5820 is a low cost printing solution for homes and small businesses.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.