HP Ink Tank Wireless 415: A decent all-in-one
October 2, 2018

And it gets the job done.

Printers have already become a staple part of any desk. From the longest time, I believe I have only been using HP printers since the first time I owned a computer and I have seen how their printers have evolved from standard printing devices to more robust and versatile machines.

This new printer HP sent us for testing is the Ink Tank Wireless 415 – it’s a multifunction printer that can scan, copy and of course print. But what sets it apart from other HP printers I have tested is the fact that this one comes with refillable ink tanks.

I had my doubts at first, since I was already used to purchasing ink cartridges all these years and that seeing all those ink bottles I assumed it will be a messy and complicated setup. I was completely wrong. In fact, setup was so simple that I managed to start printing with the Ink Tank Wireless 415 a couple of minutes after I took it out of the box.

The primary ink tanks on the Ink Tank Wireless 415 is located on the right side. Spill-proof bottles are loaded into the primary ink tank and is separated by color. You can even see how much ink is left since the tank is transparent. With this huge ink tank, HP promises about 8,000 pages when printing with the HP color bottles or 6,000 pages with a black bottle.

Did we mention it is wireless as well? The Ink Tank Wireless 415 was easy to set up and in no time I’ve managed to connect the printer to my home network. Since it is wireless, my computers at home managed to see the printer right away and if you own an iOS or Android device, it’s fully compatible. This means that you can start printing from your mobile devices right away without the need for a computer.

I used the Ink Tank Wireless 415 for a couple of weeks as my daily work and home printer. This involves printing a lot of documents and occasionally some pictures. For documents, the Ink Tank Wireless 415 did a fine job, the text is clear and legible even with small fonts. I didn’t notice any smearing on the ink, which is normally the problem with some inkjet printers. The same goes for colored text or even text printed against a dark background. It’s still clear and readable even with the abundance of dark ink surrounding it.

The Ink Tank Wireless 415 worked well with images. I printed a couple of shots I needed to renew my passport, and the printed photos were clear and detailed. It was mentioned that the prints will be water and fade resistant, which I happily tried by pouring drops of water a couple of hours after it was printed. The Ink Tank Wireless 415 did prove HP’s claim: the printouts didn’t smear out like the others, which should be a good indication that these prints will also last a long time.

Like its previous web-connected printers, the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 can also receive print commands sent online, meaning that wherever you are in the world you can easily send a printout.

This easily makes the HP Ink Tank Wireless 415 one of our favorite printers to date. It’s easy to set up and completely reliable judging from the few weeks I have spent with it. The refillable ink tanks are a worthy addition too.

We Love:

+ Massive ink tank

+ Easy to setup

+ Excellent printing capabilities

We Hate:

– None to mention

Final Rating: 4/5

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. Passionate for all things tech - you’ll normally find him tinkering with the latest gadgets and computer peripherals. He is an avid collector of Blu-ray discs and occasionally plays on his Xbox.
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