HP Sprocket 200 Review: For the perfect Valentine
February 14, 2019

Portable photo printing made even better.

More than a year ago, we already raved at HP’s new pocket-sized photo printer Sprocket. Just before 2018 ends, we’re now treated to a new version of the Sprocket. It replaces the first-generation Sprocket, and now has more features including augmented reality (AR) support that we actually enjoyed.

Since it’s the season of love, why not get a device that can print memories that you can share with everyone? I’m sure getting a photo printer is a good idea, but no one wants to setup a large device and connect it to a computer. A small and portable printer should do the trick.

The HP Sprocket 200 (or 2nd edition) still fits in the palm of your hand, even if it’s a little bigger compared to the original Sprocket. The new design on the Sprocket 200 also features ‘moods’ instead of colors, which reflect on the top part of the printer.

Other than that, the Sprocket 200’s design is pretty much basic: there’s a small power button at the back that sits next to a small LED light that tells you of the device’s status. There’s also a micro USB port that you can use for charging plus a small pinhole for resetting the printer.

Printed photos come out of the other side and just like the first Sprocket printer, the Sprocket 200 doesn’t use ink. Instead, it uses a special type of paper called ZINK (Zero Ink) that uses heat to produce the colors on paper.

The Sprocket 200 includes 10 pieces of ZINK paper for you to test it out, after that you will need to buy it in packs. But don’t worry, ZINK photo papers are readily available across retailers here in the UAE.

The Sprocket 200 connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone, where you would need to download the free Sprocket app. that’s available for iOS and Android devices. Once pairing is done, you can now choose which images you would like to print on the Sprocket 200.

The Sprocket app lets you add stickers, text, and frames to images before you print them. Along with that, you can also do basic image corrections the color and the brightness. Our favorite may probably be the AR feature where you can add short video clips that would play once it scans that photo you’ve printed. It’s not perfect, but I’m sure in time it will be one of the standout features of the Sprocket printer.

The Sprocket 200 can also support up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections so everyone can join in and print their own photos. You can also see the current print queue from the Sprocket app and even prioritize which photos will be printed first.

Printing a photo shouldn’t last more than a minute. In the case of my tests, a photo usually finishes printing after about 41 seconds. Quality is great, and comparing the print quality from the first Sprocket you can tell that a lot has been improved on the 2nd generation.

Overall, HP has delivered the best upgrade with the Sprocket 200. Its current feature set and improved photo printing output make easily make it one of our favorite portable photo printers. It’s also a great Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone.

We Love:

+ Decent print quality

+ Plethora of new features added to the Sprocket app

+ AR features

We Hate:

– None to mention

Final Rating: 4/5

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. Passionate for all things tech - you’ll normally find him tinkering with the latest gadgets and computer peripherals. He is an avid collector of Blu-ray discs and occasionally plays on his Xbox.
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