Kingston High Endurance microSD Review

August 25, 2019

Performance that is top-class.

There was a time when we thought microSD cards are all the same in terms of performance. But new advancements in storage technology meant that accessories like this can now offer superfast speeds and high capacities. Kingston sent us their High Endurance microSD card for review and while it looks like just another microSD card, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Kingston branded this microSD card as High Endurance since it was primarily made for write-intensive usages like home surveillance cameras or body cams. Normal cards won’t survive multiple constant writes, but Kingston’s High Endurance card allows you to use in different devices and conditions.

First off, the High Endurance card is IPX7 certified so it’s protected against water submersion as well as being able to survive in extreme temperatures. Kingston even claims that the card is strong and durable enough to protect itself from X-ray exposures.

The High Endurance card also meets the application performance Class that meets the minimum performance requirements needed to install and run applications. This allows the microSD card to be used for running apps on a smartphone, with performance matching the internal storage speeds.

We got to test the 128 GB version of the High Endurance card from Kingston where it supports a 95MB/s sequential read speeds along with a 45MB/s sequential write speed. I saw similar results when I ran the card through ATTO Disk Benchmark, along with 4 GB file transfers completing in less than a minute on real-world tests.

But the Kingston High Endurance proved its performance when I used the card for a month on my car’s dashcam. The dashcam I have records and overwrites every 30 minutes continuously as long as the car is turned on. When reviewing the footage (it shoots in 1080p 60 fps), the quality is great and there was no noticeable drop in frames which is evident when the microSD write speeds aren’t fast enough.

Of course, you can still use this card for smartphones or other devices, but its full performance is experienced when you use it for dashcams like how we’ve tested it.

Overall, this microSD card from Kingston definitely lives up to its High Endurance name, making it the ideal storage card for your write-intensive devices.

We Love:

+ Excellent read/write performance

+ Shockproof, waterproof, temperature proof and X-ray proof

We Hate: 

– None that we can think of!

Final Rating: 4/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.