Optoma HD27 Review

November 3, 2016

Home cinema defined.

There’s nothing more relaxing than watching your favorite movie at home. But at times, seeing it on a bigger screen is always welcome – but that doesn’t mean you would go out and buy a new and bigger screen. For that, a projector is the right choice.

Optoma has been making projectors for a while now and their current line mostly cater to users who would want an alternative to buying another TV. The sudden rise in popularity of 4K TVs also meant that full HD projectors have started to become more affordable.

Take the case of the Optoma HD27 – it’s a full HD projector that’s designed to work even with the lights on. Its small built makes it easy to carry around anywhere or set up whenever you need it.

The exterior is glossy white while a small panel on top houses most of the controls with the input ports located at the back. It even includes a remote control that includes a bright blue backlight so you can still use it the dark.

At the back there are two HDMI v1.4a ports, with one port that support MHL input for mobile devices that support it.

Setting up projector was no hassle at all. Once it starts up you can easily adjust the keystone settings to the right viewing angle. Zoom and focus are manually adjusted, making it easier to get the right setting.

I hooked up the HD27 to my Blu-ray home theater system plus on an Xbox One console. The projector comes with various presets (Cinema, Vivid, Game, Reference, Bright and User) available but I personally calibrate it to my own settings to my convenience.

While most projectors tend to get too noisy during operation, the HD27 was mostly quiet during operation and even if it was noisy the sound was drowned by my surround sound setup.

I’ve tested two Blu-rays: Inside Out and Captain America: Civil War to check the image quality. Colors were vibrant and sharp. Images pop out even when there’s light inside the room, and it also worked well when playing games since there was little to no delay with the games I’ve tested.

Probably the only problem I had with the HD27 is displaying deep blacks. Dark scenes are mostly the victim here if you’re really picky on picture quality but to be honest it’s something I’m not really bothered about.

Another quip is the built-in speakers. If you’re planning to watch a movie using the HD27 then it’s best you hook it up with an external speaker. Sound seems muffled, and most of the time I had a hard time understanding dialogue coming out from it.

For a full HD projector, the Optoma HD27 does the job well – it delivers excellent image quality perfect for watching movies at home and even bright enough to be used in rooms where there is subtle lighting. It may have its flaws, but we’d gladly recommend this home theater projector anytime.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.