Parrot Bebop Drone Skycontroller Review

June 21, 2015

I believe I can fly.

Drones have become one of the few must have accessories for adults and even kids, though some regulations have been implemented due to the rising number of users abusing these devices.

Parrot is one of the companies that has been introducing various drones for recreational purposes. The new Parrot Bebop Drone Skycontroller features a camcorder than record 1080p 30 fps video and take images at 14 megapixels. Other feature include stabilization functions for blur free images and video along with a Wi-Fi flight range of up to 2 kilometers using the included Skycontroller accessory.

Using light materials, the Parrot Bebop Drone contains four main rotors that drive the device along with an impact-safe foam that covers the camera. The same material is also used for the protective frames that you can put on the drone so you can safely fly it indoors. The camera includes fisheye lens takes the best possible images and the Parrot Bebop Drone delivers very good video.

The remote includes two handles that give you a more precise control over the drone. The Skycontroller is huge, and it can easily house a tablet or a smartphone in the center. There is even a shade that can reduce glare when using it outdoors.

Operating the drone using the Skycontroller is pretty much straightforward. The controls are easy to learn along with accessible buttons to initiate recording. There are also one touch controls for easily landing the device or even call back the drone if you somehow have lost it. You also have the option to fly it using a smartphone or a tablet, but I find that using the Skycontroller is better than using my mobile devices when operating the Parrot Bebop Drone.

Parrot promises about 1.9 kilometers of range using the Wi-Fi antenna that’s located on top of the remote which somehow worked well when we took it out for testing. The bad thing about it is that the battery barely lasted 10 minutes outside before needing to be charged again. The good thing is that the unit ships with extra batteries just in case you run out of juice.

Overall, the Parrot Bebop Drone Skycontroller is a very capable quadcopter. It can work as an accessory to make those home movies or even short films look better – or simply toy you can play with friends and family. The Parrot Bebop Drone costs 2399 AED and 4199 AED with the Skycontroller. It isn’t the cheapest, and considering that the battery life isn’t the best, you might have to look at less expensive alternatives.

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.