Philips Gioco 278G4 Review

June 28, 2015

Made for Gaming.

I remember playing with some of Philips’ TVs that feature Ambiglow which somehow gave a different viewing experience. Their new monitor, the Philips Gioco 278G4 offers the same feature but is now positioned for gamers.

The Philips Gioco 278G4 definitely offers everything that you need from a gaming monitor. This includes the Full HD support in a 27-inch display, slim bezels and even support for 3D viewing (with included 3D glasses).

It is also part of the aforementioned Ambiglow series of monitors that offer 10 LEDs placed behind the monitor. It purpose is to match the same colors that are showing on the screen, creating some sort of light that makes it look like an extension of the screen. It can work sometimes, but you may have to place it behind a clear white wall to appreciate the effects.

Additionally, 3D support is kind of a mixed bag since the Philips Gioco 278G4 only supports a maximum 60 fps rate that instantly drops once you play a game in 3D. To compare, other monitors support a 120 Hz refresh rate for a smoother gaming experience on 3D – that’s when it’s connected to a PC. The Philips Gioco 278G4 however works especially well with a 3D Blu-ray player or a console supporting 3D output. While the 3D is good, it is still not something worth using for a long period of time. 

The Philips Gioco 278G4 also supports a plethora of connectivity options: HDMI, audio out, D-sub and even USB 3.0. On testing, I hooked it up with my home PC, along with a PlayStation 4. This monitor definitely gets high points for color accuracy – delivering bright rich colors and deeps levels of black. The latency on the monitor was also good, and I barely experienced any input lag especially with high-paced games like Call of Duty. The Ambiglow effect somehow gave the feeling that the screen is extended up to the walls – but at times can be distracting since the sudden changes in color can cause eye strain. Good thing that you can turn the feature off.

The Philips Gioco 278G4 showcases great design with a decent set of features and a very good display output. The Ambiglow feature is somehow inconsistent, but isn’t really a deal breaker. The Philips Gioco 278G4 stands out there as one of the better gaming monitors we’ve test. 

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.