Superior Performance: Acer Aspire 7 A715-71G Review

August 30, 2017

Let’s check out Acer’s latest multimedia notebook.

Acer has always been on the forefront of notebook technology and this year they’ve brought in more models that will suit to any user. The Aspire 7 series has always been a favorite of ours, and its latest is something that’s worth getting for despite some quips.

The A715-71G looks and feels very much like any notebook, but it’s the internals and performance that make it worth the price (compared to the competition, is pretty much inexpensive). It’s more compact that previous iterations and comes with a brushed aluminum exterior. The exterior does attracts fingerprints though I personally didn’t have a problem with them compared with other laptops with glossier exteriors.

The strong frame makes it an ideal choice for work, home or even school. At 2.38 kilograms, that’s already lightweight once you know the stuff it has inside. There’s also a huge trackpad and a backlit keyboard that includes a separate numerical keypad. There are various ports that surround the sides of the A715-71G: USB-C, Ethernet, HDMI, USB 3.0/2.0, SD card reader, microphone in/out.

The A715-71G features a 15.6-inch screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. It comes in matte finish and not touch-enabled, which is actually how I prefer it. At the heart of the notebook is an Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700HQ CPU along with a generous 24 GB of RAM. There’s also two storage options in the form of a 512 GB SSD and a 2 TB HDD.  Lastly, graphics is provided by an Intel HD 630 or if you want more power there’s also an Nvidia GT 1050 Ti GPU. The A715-71G runs on Windows 10.

I’ve used the A715-71G for a couple of weeks and you can tell that the notebook is built for heavy tasks. Various multimedia tasks like editing videos and rendering images didn’t slow down the notebook. The high-end hardware also meant that the system is perfectly capable of running games at a playable framerate.

I played Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider on Full HD and both gave me framerates of 65-75 fps. Note that this was on Ultra settings, tinkering with the graphics configurations gave me higher results but for what it’s worth, it proved that the A715-71G is perfectly capable of handling games.

But given the high-end specifications, the A715-71G can get quite hot – so it’s best to leave the notebook on a table rather than on your lap when playing a game or doing something intensive.

The battery though could use some improvement, but given the hardware you’d expect that it will consume a lot of power. We got more or less about 4 and a half hours of battery life on the A715-71G depending on how we use it, which isn’t the best. So it’s best to keep that charger nearby.

Given the specifications and performance, the Acer Aspire 7 A715-71G does the job well without any hassles.

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. When he’s not busy playing with the latest games, Victor usually spends his time collecting Blu-rays and building his own movie library. As the Online Editor for T3 Middle East, he develops and writes content for which includes reviews, features, and videos in addition to managing its social media and web content.