Switch Smart Mini Projector Review

June 30, 2020

See big with something small.

We normally get full-sized projectors for review here at T3 Towers, but it has been a while since we got our hands on a portable mini projector. Enter the Smart Mini Projector from Switch, a brand that’s under the Axiom Telecom Group. It offers a simple way for you to bring big-screen entertainment without the need to spend more on big and bulky full-sized projectors.

The Switch Smart Mini Projector comes in a small cylindrical build that’s resembles a small flashlight. The matte finish makes it easy to hold and it’s not as heavy as we expected it to be. The top part houses the lamp that uses DLP Technology for projection – that’s the same technology used in IMAX theaters. The top part is also able to flip 90 degrees so you can use the projector like a normal one. There’s also a tripod mount at the bottom of the projector for easier placement.

With a native resolution of 1920-by-1080 pixels, it’s perfect for watching high definition videos at home. Switch says that the Switch Smart Mini Projector is capable of projecting a 20-inch image all the way to 150-inches that’s bigger than most TVs. The body of the projector also houses its I/O ports that include HDMI, USB for connecting drives, a microSD port, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

On the other side of the body houses the navigation buttons, though I personally had trouble using them because of the vertically placed buttons. Thankfully, there’s an included remote control that made navigation easier. The bottom part also houses the vents where the exhaust fan is located. It’s noisy when you first hear it, but the projector’s loud speakers are able to drown that out.

There’s also Wi-Fi on board the Switch Smart Mini Projector so you’re able to stream and mirror content from compatible devices along with Bluetooth for connecting to external speakers. The device is also rechargeable, and each full charge can give you around 3 hours of battery life.

The projector is powered by Android, meaning that you have the luxury of browsing and installing apps straight from the Play Store. The only drawback is that navigation can be slow at times, especially when signing in and streaming through Netflix and YouTube.

At 100 ANSI Lumens, the Switch Smart Mini Projector is able to give off a surprisingly bright and clear image. It gets lost as more light is available in the room, but in a pitch-black surrounding, the quality is better than what I was expecting. Even the stereo speakers on the projector were surprisingly good. It gets loud when it needs to and I didn’t hear any distortion even when placed at high volume.

Mirroring content on the Switch Smart Mini Projector is hit and miss though – there are times when I would successfully connect my smartphones but for the most part, it won’t even work at all. Hopefully, this gets rectified on a future update.

[UPDATE] Switch has reached out to us and said that an upcoming update will indeed fix the mirroring issue.

[UPDATE 2] It looks like the mirroring issue is now fixed thanks to a recent update.

But the pros of the Switch Smart Mini Projector definitely outweigh the cons. It’s a simple solution for watching on a big screen or fitting a conference room with a projector without spending a lot – the 1,299 AED price also hits the right spot.

You can also purchase the Switch Smart Mini Projector here and get a special limited edition launch bundle worth 1,499 AED that includes a 72-inch foldable screen, a tripod with gimbal along with Switch True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speaker. 

We Like: 

+ Small and compact

+ Great sound output

+ Easy to use and configure

We Don’t Really Like:

– Slow UI

– Mirroring support is hit and miss

Final Rating: 3.5/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.