ViewSonic TD1655 Touch Portable Monitor Review

August 17, 2020

An easier (and better) way extend your screen.

Most users aren’t satisfied with one screen on their workstation. Just like me, I prefer to have at least two displays in front of me so I can continuously monitor different feeds and other details that I need to see all at the same time. Purchasing a second monitor is usually the best option but that made me think twice when I saw the ViewSonic TD1655.

The TD1655 is a portable 16-inch monitor that’s made as a companion on your desk or as an extra screen when you’re outside the office. It’s not just compatible with computers, but you can connect the TD1655 to any Android, Chromebook, Mac, and iOS devices.

There are two USB-C ports on the TD1655 along with a mini HDMI port and a 3.5mm audio jack. The USB-C ports allow different devices to be instantly connected to the display, which also acts as a source of power. Alternatively, the HDMI port is present as an alternative, and the 3.5 mm jack lets you connect external speakers. An adjustable anti-slip cover is also including that prevents the monitor from sliding away when placed on a surface.

The metal exterior of the TD1655 gives it a rather classy look but doesn’t much to the weight since it barely weighs a kilogram. This also means that the monitor is light enough to be carried everywhere, making it a great companion to your laptop or mobile device. There’s also an aluminum kickstand located behind the display, letting you use the display on any angle, including a vertical orientation.

For testing, I hooked up the TD1655 to my office laptop running Windows and my MacBook Pro using the included USB-C cable. After plugging in the TD1655 it automatically turned on without any hiccups. The monitor will function as a second display on both Windows and Mac, and you have the option to either mirror the displays or extend it as one big screen. Either way, switching different modes was easy and I didn’t have any problems when using it on either platform.

The TD1655 also supports touchscreen, and while it wasn’t supported on the Mac, it worked flawlessly on my Windows 10 computer. Immediately after connecting, I was easily navigating through the computer using my fingers, and the fact that Windows 10 natively supports touch input makes it even easier to use. I also didn’t have any problems connecting it to an iPhone via an adapter, an iPad Pro through USB-C, and an Android smartphone. If you’re like me and don’t like fingerprints ruining my screen, ViewSonic has included a magnetic touch pen so you don’t have to use your fingers to navigate.

The detail is sharp especially when you’re viewing content on the native resolution. There are times when the screen can be too reflective at times, which can be annoying. The TD1655 can typically be powered straight from any notebook or smartphone, but for longer usage, it’s recommended that you plug the device to an external outlet or even a power bank. 

Overall, the ViewSonic TD1655 does the job well in terms of providing extra screen real estate. It’s lightweight and very easy to use. Just in case the 16-inch screen of the TD1655 is too small for you, a larger TD2455 with a 24-inch screen is also available. 

We Like:

+ Lightweight and portable

+ Easy to use

+ Unified USB-C ports

We Didn’t Really Like: 

– The screen can be too reflective at times

Final Rating: 3.5/5

by Victor
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff.