WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD Review: Faster than ever
March 19, 2019

A must-have peripheral for your PC.

Solid State Drives or most commonly known as SSDs, are now a standard to any modern PC setup. The advancements in hard drive technology also meant that these drives can now offer blazing fast read and write speeds without costing too much. The WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD we have for review was made primarily for gamers who would want to beef up their PCs performance.

It clearly doesn’t disappoint – but we’ll dive into the SN750’s performance later. First off, let’s look at the specifications: the SN750 we got for review is an M.2 NVMe SSD that uses the x4 PCIe port. Also, make sure that the slot you’re plugging it into supports booting NVMe since most M.2 slots only support SATA-based booting.

The SN750 utilizes a 64-layer NAND that’s neatly stacked on one side so you can fit all your files in one small package. The SSD comes in the following capacities: 256 GB, 500 GB (tested here), 1 TB and 2 TB. Other specifications include a rated 200TBW (TeraBytes Written) for every 256 GB. There’s a version of the SN750 that will ship with an included heatsink, though the unit we have for review doesn’t include it.

CrystalDiskMark 6 result

Using CrystalDiskMark 6, we managed to get a decent 3482.5 MB/s read speed on the SN750 along with a 2609.9 MB/s write speed. This matches the 3470 MB/s read speed and 2600 MB/s write speed that WD has promised. We’ve transferred files to and from the SSD in various capacities, and the SN750 handles them without any hiccups. File transfers lasted less than two minutes at maximum, which gives an indication at how fast the SN750 is.

We’ve installed Windows 10 and a couple of games from Steam right on the SN750, where loading times have significantly improved compared to the older SSDs we were using. By improvement, we mean a lot – games now load in seconds, not minutes and even booting up Windows 10 takes less than 30 seconds thanks to the incredible performance of the SN750.

You can also install an optional dashboard software for the SN750 that can help you monitor its performance. You can update the firmware and even check the current temperature of the SSD. This dashboard also has a function called gaming mode that when turned on, will disable the low power mode function of the SN750 so that the performance is at maximum. We tested this and compared read and write numbers, though we didn’t really notice any difference.

For about $129.99, the WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD hits all the right marks as one of the best performing SSDs we’ve tested. It’s the perfect peripheral to complete your gaming rig.

We Love:

+ Incredible performance

+ Decent price

We Hate:

– Gaming mode doesn’t really improve anything

Final rating: 4.5/5

by Victor Philip Ortiz
Tech Enthusiast and Movie Buff. Passionate for all things tech - you’ll normally find him tinkering with the latest gadgets and computer peripherals. He is an avid collector of Blu-ray discs and occasionally plays on his Xbox.
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